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19 Players Online
Login Server - Online
Char Server - Online
Map Server - Online
Download EuphRO
The files below were last updated on 2010-10-13 by RedMageJoe.
We are currently running on the latest RagexeRE Renewal Clients, and you will be unable to play on this server if you still use the old Sakexe client. If you are new to this server, it is recommended that you use our full installer, or if you have a working copy of kRO and kRO_RE, you can use our Mini Patch.
Which file do I need?
EuphRO Full Client if:
  • You are new to EuphRO and Ragnarok entirely
  • You do not have any RO files
  • You would like a fresh install of EuphRO
EuphRO Mini Patch if...
  • You have a working copy of Ragnarok and Ragnarok_RE
  • You are upgrading from a Sakexe client from another server