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About the Server
EuphRO is a dedicated low rate server whose priority has and always will be the community. We dedicate ourselves to providing the best service to all players and our efforts reflect that goal.
We strive to provide the same beloved qualities of the official servers (kRO & iRO), that is why we refrain from making any unnecessary customizations to prevent the degradation of that atmosphere. It is not only the GMs who provide quality service for other players, but also the other players that constantly go out of their way to help one another any way they can.
Rates: 3x Base Experience / 3x Job Experience / 2x Drop Rates
Max Level: 99 Base/70 Job (99 Base/99 Job for Super Novices)
Max Stats: 99 (80 for baby class)
Dyes: 251 Hair Palettes | 303 Cloth Palettes
War of Emperium (WoE): Saturdays from 1900 - 2100 UTC
War of Emperium Second Edition (WoE SE): Sundays from 1900 - 2100 UTC
Homunculus System and Extended Classes: Available and functional
Custom NPCs:
  • NO Free Warper
  • NO Healer
  • NO Stat/Job skill Reseter (except for the official job skill reseter)
  • NO Job Changer
  • Free Dye Changer (includes hairstyle changer, cloth, and hair dyes)
  • Centralized Guild Storage (in North Prontera)
  • PvP NPC with special arenas
Custom Commands:
  • @autoloot [Allows auto item drop pickups]
  • @showexp [Shows experience (base/job) gain to 2decimal places]
  • @whodrops <item name> [Displays a list of monsters who drop the item and % drop rate]
  • @iteminfo / @ii <item name> [Displays item information]
  • @hominfo [Displays current stats, intimacy of homunculus]
  • @autotrade / @at [Allows a person to vend without having the client open]
  • @mobinfo / @monsterinfo / @mi <monster name>
  • @refresh (limited to once every 10 seconds)
For a complete list of commands type @commands in game
Custom Global NPCs (put these names in your Whisper box to use them):
  • NPC:AllianceChat [Allows you to send brief messages to everyone in your guild's alliance ring]
  • NPC:StorageList [Returns a list of all items in your storage]
  • NPC:AccountInfo [Gives technical info on your account and characters]
  • NPC:Jukebox [Plays BGMs from your BGM folder]
We are currently running eAthena Trunk and we update regularly
(see News section for more details)
Server Rules
If you are punished for breaking a rule, you probably know why. If not, check the forum player reports or bot reports, or come on IRC. Someone will probably be able to explain it to you. However, short bans are not always published, nor are screenshots always taken. Any ban longer than 3 days should have proper proof, and most bans of 3 days or less will have proof available.
For every rule listed below, the punishment is the minimum recommended ban. However, depending on the circumstances, severity, and if there are any previous incidents, the ban can be much longer, up to a permanent or IP ban.
If you see someone break a rule, take a screenshot. It can be used as evidence. Your word alone will not be enough to get someone banned.
EuphRO has complete chat logs of every message sent in-game. If someone is breaking a rule by sending in-game messages (spam/harassment/etc), screenshots will help, but if you weren't able to take any, you can still report the player, and we can look up anything they may have said.
For time-based or permanent bans, a ban means you will not be able to login to your account (note: some offences result in all your accounts being banned). An IP ban means no one from your IP address (eg: will be able to login. An IP range ban is used for people with more dynamic IP addresses, and will prevent people from logging in from a range of IP addresses (eg: 127.123.40.*).
Respect Other Players and Game Masters
Behind the graphics in EuphRO, there are living and breathing people. They're like you, and they have feelings, so respect them and talk to them as you would want others to talk to you. Don't use excessive vulgarity or profanity. Sexual slander and racist comments will not be tolerated.
Never lie to Game Masters, Bot Hunters, or any other EuphRO staff members or people acting in an official capacity on behalf of EuphRO. If you are caught lying to a GM, all your accounts will be permanently banned, and an IP or IP range ban will be issued. Do not publicly accuse a Game Master of cheating on their legitimate characters. If you believe a GM might have cheated, and have a good reason to report them, contact canadiancow directly. Spreading rumours (true or not) before the GM team investigates will lead to a ban up to and including a permanent and/or IP range ban.
Minimum recommended ban: 2 days
Respect EuphRO
Spreading rumours about EuphRO is just as bad, if not worse, than spreading rumours about Game Masters, and it will not be tolerated.
There is nothing wrong with some criticism, such as "I don't like EuphRO because it doesn't have free warps.". However, statements such as "EuphRO is corrupt." are a much different story. A justified opinion is acceptable, but you need proof. It's not hard to prove that you don't like the server because of the warps. There aren't warps, and you want warps. However, to prove an accusation such as corruption, you need hard evidence of how it's corrupt.
Minimum recommended ban: 2 days
Maximum recommended ban: Permanent and IP or IP range (serious violations, such as screaming "corrupt" with no evidence)
Do Not Fraudulently Donate or Reverse Donations
Do not use stolen credit cards, stolen PayPal accounts, or any other form of stolen money to donate to EuphRO. This is a criminal offense, and we will not tolerate it. We will provide all logs related to your account to any party who requests them if you donate with stolen funds.
Once you have donated, do not reverse the donation through your bank, credit card, or PayPal. If you don't want to donate, then don't donate. If you reverse a donation, you're committing fraud, as you receive everything you're entitled to automatically after donating.
Minimum recommended ban: Permanent and IP or IP range
Do Not Kill Steal (KS)
Kill stealing is when you attack a monster that is already being hit or targeted by another player, or when you attack a monster that is already hitting or targeting another player. If you think they're in trouble, you can ask them if they want help. MVP's are an exception to this rule; you are allowed to attack any MVP regardless of whether another player has already engaged it. If you accidently steal someone's kill, apologize to the player.
Minimum recommended ban: 2 days
Do Not Use Bots
For the purposes of this rule, a bot is defined as any software other than the standard (Sakray) client that connects to the eAthena server instance on the EuphRO game server, or simulates human actions such as mouse movements, mouse clicks, or keystrokes.
We have zero tolerance for bots. We have staff who are dedicated to catching botters, and they do a very good job. Work your way to the top by playing the game, not by running a program to play for you. Do not pretend to be a bot or knowingly act like a bot. If you recieve a ban for being a bot this way, you will not have your accounts unbanned.
Minimum recommended ban: Permanent and IP or IP range
Do Not Use Homunculi or AutoCast Weapons/Armor While You Are Not Sitting at Your Computer (AFK)
Due to the imbalance in the server caused by AFK farming, and the excess of complaints from players, there are special rules regarding playing with a Homunculus or Autocasting weapons/armor (i.e. Weapons/Armor that cast a spell when you are attacked or when you attack, at a random chance).
See this forum post for full details.
It is allowed to use autoloot when you are moving around on a "big" map (such as payon1). Standing in one spot or slightly moving on big maps is still classified as camping. Autoloot is not tolerated on small maps (such as prontera maze).
You may be randomly disconnected while idling at anytime.
Using a customized AI that enables the Alchemist to cast skills or automatically feed the homunculus is forbidden. However, using your AI to cast Auto Aid Potion is allowed.
Minimum recommended ban: 5 days
Do Not Use Mercenaries While You Are Not Sitting at Your Computer (AFK)
Similar to the homunculus rule, you are not allowed to use mercanaries while you are not at your computer. You have to pay for them, and they only last thirty minutes, so this should not be an issue. If you have to leave your computer, log out of the game.
Minimum recommended ban: 2 days
Do Not Hack or Exploit Bugs in the Server
Hacking includes any attempts at compromising the server's security or availability, or the security of any other player's account. If a player wants you to use their account, they will give you their password.
If you find a way to perform a task in-game that bypasses the normal requirements of the task, and you take advantage of this shortcut, then you are exploiting a bug.
If you find a bug, please report it on the forum.
Minimum recommended ban: Permanent and IP or IP range
Do Not Beg
Do not beg for anything. Even if you are a novice, just remember: everyone else started as one, and they all got through it. You will earn money if you hunt for items and sell them. If you need a heal, sit down and wait. If you are going to publicly ask for something, be polite, and wait between each request.
Minimum recommended ban: 2 days
Do Not Scam or Cheat Other Players
Scamming is intolerable. Do not offer overcharge/discount and run away with somebody's money. Do not trick people by selling them a "slotted" item that really isn't. Do not try to get other players to give you their account information.
Conduct all trades in-game or on the forum. That way we have logs. If you are making a trade in-game, have a chat about it first. A chat log saying "I'll give you a slotted helm" followed by a trade of an unslotted helm is enough evidence for us to reverse the trade. The trade logs alone aren't good enough, because we can't know what the deal was supposed to be.
Minimum recommended ban: Permanent
Do Not Take Advantage of Honest Mistakes
Everyone makes mistakes. If someone drops a +10 Angra Manyu instead of an apple, do not take it. This is theft.
Minimum recommended ban: 3 days
Do Not Lure, Heal, or Buff Monsters
Do not lure monsters to other players and teleport away. If you need to get rid of a monster, go through a warp, or log out. If you are about to die, do not lure the monster to other players.
Do not use skills that help monsters, unless everyone near the monster knows what you're doing, and you kill it when you're done. You are not allowed to use any skills that will help an MVP in any way.
Minimum recommended ban: 2 days
No Chats or Vends on Prontera Streets
Do not make a chat or vend on the streets of Prontera. Use the sidewalks for that, so everyone can walk in Prontera without accidentally clicking on shops/chats. This includes half squares. if part of your sprite is on the street, you put yourself at risk of being banned.
Do not purposefully place your shop on the same square as another vendor with the intention of "keeping your favourite spot" or preventing players from seeing the other shop.
Do not open shops/chats near warps or NPC's.
Minimum recommended ban: 3 days
Do Not Spam
Do not repeatedly spam words or phrases. Do not spam skills in towns. If you are forging/brewing with a gloria priest, leave the town or move to an unpopulated area in the town.
Minimum recommended ban: 2 days
Do Not Trade Opponents in War of Emperium
Do not make unrequested deals to players while inside a castle. Not having /notrade on is not an excuse for avoiding a punishment. If you unintentionally initiate a trade, apologize and hope you aren't reported.
Minimum recommended ban: 2 days
Do Not Advertise Other Servers
EuphRO players enjoy their server and do not want to be bothered with advertisements for other servers. Advertising is not tolerated.
Minimum recommended ban: Permanent and IP or IP range
Do Not Abuse @request or @bot
@request sends a message to all GM's, and @bot sends a message to all GM's and bot hunters. Even if you just want to thank us, please post a message in the forum. It's hard to keep track of things in-game when we have a flood of messages. If you have an immediate problem, use @request, and send one message that describes everything. The following is an example of bad usage:
@request help GM my item is gone!
@request it was a good item and it just gone now!
@request it was a valk helm!
@request help plz!
That could easily be condensed to "@request my valk helm just disappeared". If a GM is available, they will probably warp to you and offer help. If no one responds, it's because we're busy or offline. Don't flood us again 10 seconds later. Try in 10 minutes, or try the forum. The same rules apply with @bot. A short, concise bot report is all that's needed. Even "@bot I just saw a bot near me" is enough, as a bot hunter can warp to you, and get a list of all players on your map. Messages like "LOL" are unacceptable.
Do not ask questions with @request or @bot. Questions can be answered on IRC or in the forum. @request and @bot are for reporting serious, urgent problems, and bots.
Minimum recommended ban: 10 minutes (minor violations)
Maximum recommended ban: Permanent and IP or IP range (serious violations, such as harassing GM's)
Do Not Create New Characters for Free Items
When you create a novice, you receive free items that can be useful later in the game. If you want them later in the game, save them. Do not create characters solely to get these items. We have logs of character creation and deletion, as well as item transfers.
Minimum recommended ban: 2 days
Do Not Use DBs/BBs In Or Around Towns And Cities
Use Dead Branches and Bloody Branches at least two maps away from the nearest town or city. This includes warps, such as Alberta -> Sunken Ship. You cannot DB/BB on the Sunken Ship Entrance Map because it is considered 1 map away from town.
Minimum recommended ban: 2 days
Do Not Act Stupid
It's hard to give this rule much of a description, but don't do anything that, while not being listed above, is obviously something that would not be allowed.
Punishment for acting stupid varies depending on the level of stupidity.
We reserve the right to ban any player for any length of time, at any time, for any reason.
Note 1 - These rules may change at any time. Usually there will be an announcement in the forum, but not always. Ignorance is not an excuse.
Note 2 - In the event that a rule or recommended punishment is added or modified, we reserve the right to apply the new or modified rule or punishment to events that have already occurred.
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