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It's the most special time of the year again - christmas. Kill those vile xmas Goblins or Santa Porings, then visit Santa Claus in Lutie to claim your christmas presents. Or you could help the new NPCs in the bg room with their agenda, they will reward you with bg medals. Rumors say that you can even exchange medals types on the black market now. [seeed] (2012-12-03)
Izlude City council invites you to enjoy the beauty of Izlude in it's renewed style! EuphRO's Stylist now comes with two more Hairstyles but is now short one bug ;) And at last the heat of battle is getting more intense. Starting with the KVM arena, as the cooldown timer is reduced from 5 to 1 minute only. And also in the War of Emperium FE, where you now can only fight for one castle each week (rotating every week)! [seeed] (2012-09-29)
Christmas is here again! Christmas mobs roam the many fields of the Rune-Midgard nation along with the rotten Antonio. Collect his Red Stockings and deliver them to Santa in Lutie for a fun surprise. Santa can also be found in the many towns offering great prizes for playing a card game with him, while Oholy the caroler has lost her carol book to Deviruchi around town. Get her carols back for a Christmas prize. If you're really lucky, either of these will earn you a rare taming item for a Christmas Goblin pet! In Lutie you will find the fashionable designer Louise Kim, who can make a special Santa hat and Santa Bags for players who bring her the right materials. Enjoy, the lonely single, is moping at the clasped hands statue in Prontera and plotting some mischief; better see what he's up to. The caroler near Prontera Church can make you a Christmas Music Box if you bring her the right items. Finally, don't forget to check under the giant Christmas tree in the center of Prontera on Christmas Day for a present from Santa, and turn in your fake Xmas Gifts to the Busy Elf for real gifts! [RedMageJoe] (2011-12-??)
It's Halloween in Midgard again! Expect all your favorite events from last year to last all the way through to November 2nd. We have Zombie PvP, the Zombie Survival event for fun prizes and FREE NIFLHEIM TELEPORT TICKETS, a Halloween Disguiser in Prontera, Trick or Treating in Prontera for buffs, Pumpkin Pie crafting, Pumpkin Mojo headgear quest, and of course EuphRO's Niflheim Trick or Treat contest. Now is your chance to win one of 3 exclusive Whisper Masks! [RedMageJoe] (2011-10-27)
More miscellaneous clientside typos, bugs, and inaccuracies. Nidhoggr's Nest has been implemented on eAthena, so expect a maintenance soon on EuphRO to implement the new instanced dungeon. The update will also resolve the missing mail notification on login. As always, thanks for playing EuphRO! [RedMageJoe] (2011-08-28)
Fixed a clientside issue with the Buying Store licenses causing crashes. We are aware that the descriptions and display names are still not quite right, but we are working on a larger scale item description/name/icon patch at the moment that will include this fix. Also cleaned up some typos and mistranslations in msgstringtable. [RedMageJoe] (2011-05-06)
All the snakes have been removed from St. Patrick's Day, and some new content has been brought in. The Poring War game has been added to EuphRO, allowing players to compete in a Capture the Flag style PvP game to earn Poring Coins for new Accessories and Mercenary Scrolls. The Poring Coins used for the Anniversary have been replaced with EuphRO Anniversary Coins, added in this patch. Battlegrounds have also been temporarily fixed. For full details, visit the Server Updates board on the Forums (see link above). [RedMageJoe] (2011-04-08)
St. Patrick's Day is coming, and there's no better time to get completely wasted on EuphRO! A very cheery green fellow can be found on the hill overlooking the field west of Prontera, waiting to reward adventurous players who find his treasure! The event will last until the 24th of March. Fixed Buff Icon tooltip for Warm Wind (Shadow) saying "Enchants Armor". Now says "Enchants Weapon". Also fixed the duration display for Berserk Potion not displaying properly on its Buff Icon tooltip. Completely overhauled skill description tooltips to have accurate and detailed information as it did before the switch to Renewal clients. Fixed an error in the Skill Tree View for Soul Linkers requiring more point in Super Novice Spirit to unlock Rebirth Spirit. [RedMageJoe] (2011-03-17)
Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Now is the time to show some affection to your friends in-game with the two event NPC sets we've put in. Help reunite Bongun and Munak, or deliver a specially made chocolate to that special someone in-game. We've also made a few serverside updates, so please be sure to read the Server Updates board on our forums (click the link above). [RedMageJoe] (2011-02-12)
Updated the EuphRO client files with the latest changes to the kRO client files in preparation for new maps, new items, and new mobs. Translated the in-game World Map, though mob locations are inaccurate for pre-Renewal. Some MVP Card prefixes and suffixes have been updated (no more 3 Undecided tags). Christmas and New Year's content has been removed, and the snow is gone. New Donation Hats and BGMs are in! Check the Server Updates board on the EuphRO Forums for more details. [RedMageJoe] (2011-01-04)
Corrected some skill and item descriptions. Steal's formula should now be correct. Gangster Scarf's level requirement added. Fixed a weird display bug on Star Gladiator's Demon skill. Added in all the jRO sprite files to resolve some headgear errors and to prepare for our newest batch of Donation Hats. Expect some great-looking new hats soon! [RedMageJoe] (2010-12-12)
It's Christmas in the world of Midgard! Christmas mobs roam the many fields of the Rune-Midgard nation along with the rotten Antonio. Collect his Red Stockings and deliver them to Santa in Lutie for a fun surprise. Santa can also be found in the many towns offering great prizes for playing a card game with him, while Oholy the caroler has lost her carol book to Deviruchi around town. Get her carols back for a Christmas prize. If you're really lucky, either of these will earn you a rare taming item for a Christmas Goblin pet! In Lutie you will find the fashionable designer Louise Kim, who can make a special Santa hat and Santa Bags for players who bring her the right materials. Enjoy, the lonely single, is moping at the clasped hands statue in Prontera and plotting some mischief; better see what he's up to. The caroler near Prontera Church can make you a Christmas Music Box if you bring her the right items. Finally, don't forget to check under the giant Christmas tree in the center of Prontera on Christmas Day for a present from Santa, and turn in your fake Xmas Gifts to the Busy Elf for real gifts! [RedMageJoe] (2010-12-06)
We have finally got the newest batch of RagexeRE clients working, which come with buff icon tooltips and timers, as well as a Party Booking system that will allow players to create and search for party recruitments in-game! This should not only improve overall gameplay and party frequency, but should also resolve the client bugs we were encountering due to outdated packet versions. Please report any bugs on the forums under Bugtracking. [RedMageJoe] (2010-11-16)
Halloween Week has ended, and our eventful month of October has passed. Autumn weather preludes the coming of winter, and the holiday season. Time to start looking for gifts for your guildies and in-game friends, as there will be some special treats in store for everyone come December! [RedMageJoe] (2010-11-01)
Halloween Week has come to Rune-Midgard! Just like last year, Niflheim has been cleared out for Trick or Treating, but there's far more than just that this year! You can find a free warp to Niflheim near the Prontera Weapon Shop, as well as the Halloween Disguiser. The PvP NPCs have been modified with a spooky little twist. We have also added the iRO Halloween events this year, with fun quests and prizes! Trick or Treaters are all about Prontera, waiting to take your treats for fantastic buffs... or give you a rotten trick. Near the southern Prontera gate you'll find Gloomy Jack who's looking to reward players who get his Pumpkin Mojo back from the Ludes on every field and dungeon map in the game with an exclusive hat! The Halloween Wizard is in all Rune-Midgard towns looking to play tricks on other towns, while the Halloween Magician in Payon will send you into a Zombie Apocalypse where you run for your life for spooky prizes. Hoirin near Geffen tower will make you delicious Pumpkin Pie healing items, which you can keep for yourself or feed to Loli Ruri in the Niflheim Inn for free warp tickets to Niflheim; these can be used outside the event as well. Come on in for a frightful celebration! [RedMageJoe] (2010-10-27)
EuphRO's 4th Anniversary Event Month has begun! This is our 2nd annual Anniversary Event Month, and we've brought back all your favorite features. DOUBLE EXP event until the 26th, Token Shop, special Poring spawns in towns, GM events frequently, and Temple of Ordeals! For full details, please go to the Events board on the EuphRO Forums. For a list of other updates, check the Server Updates board on the EuphRO Forums (click on the Server Updates link above). [RedMageJoe] (2010-10-01)
Added in several new item descs for upcoming episodes. Updated mp3 table to include new BGMs and also modify some existing ones for EuphRO custom areas. Added a fix for the authentication for Ragnarok_RE patcher, allowing you to run Rag_RE patcher once again! Added in a new batch of clients that fixes the iRO names to kRO names, and fixes a few minor bugs in the old client. Default will be set to 2x zoom, but 10x zoom is available in your EuphRO folder (just rename EuphRO.exe and rename the 10x to EuphRO.exe). [RedMageJoe] (2010-10-01)
Morroc Arena has received a complete overhaul! The Guild Arena reward system is now in place, giving a new aspect of competition to the guilds of this server! Also manually re-added Battleground announcements. For a full list of server changes, visit the Server Updates board. Client patch includes several skill descriptions, such as the cast time on Stalker's Chasewalk and Full Divest, and Lif's Emergency Avoid and Creator's Acid demonstration. Item desc fixes include Mithril Magic Manteau and Wolfheiden's misleading effects desc, and the weight in Manuk Coins, Splendide coins, and Empty Test Tube has been corrected in the tooltip. Cleaned up msgstringtable entries for interface text. [RedMageJoe] (2010-09-06)
Huge fix made to the quest log and MSG table, as well as a few minor changes to the mp3 table. Most client info has been brought up to date with the latest kRO patches, including descriptions and prefixes for new cards. Several item description typos have been resolved as well. [RedMageJoe] (2010-08-12)
Updated several item and skill descriptions that had been incorrect for a while. New item info for client, including proper display names, descriptions, slot names, etc for the new cards. Fixed Monk skill Spiritual Cadence to reflect proper regen amounts and Swordsman Auto Berserk description. Fixed Dullahan Eye description, and the damage taken increase note for BG armors in the rewards book and in item descriptions to be more clear. [RedMageJoe] (2010-08-06)
Updated client files for kRO translation. New skill descriptions, item descriptions, and item names available via the English kRO project. Also revised some msg strings for battle log and the like. [RedMageJoe] (2010-07-23)
The Repeatable EXP Quests have been updated: Monster Hunt option is now available, allowing you to kill a certain number of monsters for an EXP reward. Don't forget to turn in the items they drop on the original Item Turn-In option for even more EXP! The rewards for these have also been tripled. The entry for Monster Hunt in your quest window is bugged, and will not display the number of monsters you have killed until you relog. We are working to fix this. [RedMageJoe] (2010-07-04)
Newest set of kRO text translations for several of our client files. Changes include Episode 13 item descriptions and names updated, new map names, Ep 13 card suffix corrections, and two new 'book' translations. Also updated skill tree and made many changes to interface text displays. Fixed an issued with data.ini GRF priorities. [RedMageJoe] (2010-06-29)
New client patch. Fixed the "Equip Arrows" message for all ranged weapons, including non-bows. Now requests you equip "ammunition". Fixed a few skill descriptions, such as Fiber Lock's incorrect range, Full Adrenaline Rush's misleading description, and Slow Grace incorrectly saying STR affects slow instead of DEX. Reverted the BGM on the Doppelganger Endurance map, as there is now a script command to handle the BGM. [RedMageJoe] (2010-06-26)
Extended downtime for server maintenance has completed, keeping our server software up to date and running smoothly. War of Emperium: Second Edition has heated up! Only one castle is available now, open for 3 weeks before the next cycle. Hurry and reach Okolnir before time's up! [RedMageJoe] (2010-05-22)
Added Status Arrow Quivers into the server, with a client patch that supports names, descriptions, and graphics for the new items. Also updated kRO files to keep our euph files up to date. Fixed a few skill and item descriptions, including Arrow Shower splash area. [RedMageJoe] (2010-04-28)
Client patch resolves "Armors" and "Weapons" headers appearing on the wrong Storage sub-windows. Corrected chance of Double Strafe in Double Bound item description. Corrected skill description of Twilight Alchemy claiming that you needed 50 more Empty Bottles and Fabrics to use the skill. [RedMageJoe] (2010-04-08)
The St. Patrick's Day content has been removed. We thank you for participating in this event! We have also made some improvements to the Advanced Hypnotist and Battlegrounds NPCs. Episode 13 quest fixes have been applied. [RedMageJoe] (2010-03-24)
Added in St. Patrick's Day content following this last restart. Find the Lephrechaun O'Reilly and help him get his treasure back from the minions of the Evil Snake Lord for his world-famous Green Ale! O'Reilly can be found at prt_fild05 on the large hill overlooking the water (near the entrance to Prontera Culverts). Find the snake mobs scattered across various fields in Rune-Midgard and Schwartzvald, and collect the shillings of O'Reilly's treasure. This quest is repeatable, so you have a week to stock up on Green Ales, which are essentially Ygg Seeds. [RedMageJoe] (2010-03-16)
If you are still having trouble accessing EuphRO's new client, please contact the GM team via the EuphRO Forums, or at our IRC channel. This patch contains another batch of kRO file updates to ensure that we will be fully prepared for all of the new Episode 13 content when it comes down the line. [RedMageJoe] (2010-03-10)
We apologize for any inconvenience the shift to the Renewal Client has brought. However, we now have more updates that apply translation fixes to the Battle Message setup for window options, as well as an Alt Gr fix for non-American keyboards. This fixes the odd NO MSG displays and the Emote key binding offsets. Thanks to player The_Android for providing these client fixes! [RedMageJoe] (2010-03-01)
Finally, the Renewal Client has been released! If you haven't installed it yet, you will be unable to connect to the server properly. You can find the new client installer links here. Some changes made in our recent server restart include a fix to the Orcs Memory dungeon, which was causing some client crashes. Also fixed a Kaupe skill description. For a list of all the changes, please refer to the Server Updates link at the top of the patcher. [RedMageJoe] (2010-02-27)
Used a diff after running Ragnarok and Ragnarok_RE patchers to merge our client data files with theirs, to keep our item descriptions, names, sprites, BGM, maps, and the like up to date. I will be doing this about once every two weeks from now on to ensure that our files are fully updated. [RedMageJoe] (2010-02-08)
Server restarted for scheduled maintenance, and to apply a large assortment of bug fixes and new content additions. We've added a number of luxury features and new NPCs, as well as new add-on to the character section of our Control Panel. Please see the Server Updates board for more information. [RedMageJoe] (2010-02-06)
Modified some data files, including desc and display names, to further update the new donation hats and the quest hats that we'll be getting in our next maintenance. Also corrected some wrong item and skill descriptions and names. [RedMageJoe] (2010-01-30)
Added in sprites and data files to support our upcoming new donation hats. Three new Type 3 hats, as well as 11 new Type 2 hats, have been added, and will be available at the Donation NPC after our next server restart. Thanks to player EtherEdge for making the client patch! Fireworks have also been removed now that New Years time has passed. [RedMageJoe] (2010-01-13)
Christmas has come and gone, and all good little boys and girls have found presents and treats abound! But the New Year is fast approaching, and still the Christmas monsters roam the fields in search of the way back to Lutie. The Fireworks Display Committee is preparing for 2010, the Year of the Tiger, in Payon. Speak to Miss Lunar (payon 126 113) to see if you can help out. Be sure to log on New Year's Eve between 11pm and Midnight Server Time to ring in the new year with EuphRO! [RedMageJoe] (2009-12-29)
It's Christmas time, EuphRO! After our last maintenance, we have implemented all of our holiday content to make your spirits bright! As you may have already noticed, it's snowing in Rune-Midgard, and the towns are decorated with their holiday colors! Find Louise Kim in Lutie to make a special Santa Hat, or Santa Clothes! Find out what Enjoy is up to at Prontera Square. Win items from Santa's Card Game, or from helping the caroller Oholy; win a limited edition Christmas Goblin taming item! Find the caroller near Prontera Cathedral to make a Christmas Music Box! And be sure to log in and investigate the Prontera Christmas Tree on Christmas Day! Merry Christmas to all of EuphRO! [RedMageJoe] (2009-12-05)
The server was down for a few hours this morning to apply some software updates to the virtual machine EuphRO runs on. We apologize for the downtime, and appreciate your patience. Old Payon has been implemented as Payon PvP in this latest maintenance, and a few other changes have been applied via SVN, and several script bugs have been fixed. Please see the Server Updates thread for November 21 on the EuphRO Forums for more details. [RedMageJoe] (2009-11-21)
Halloween Week has ended, and that Trick or Treat candy scores have been totalled up. Thank you for participating in our event; we hope you look forward to next year when we'll have much more spooky content. Prontera has returned to normal, and all NPCs have been removed. The Anniversary Shop and a new 1-coin NPC have been reimplemented temporarily for players who still have Poring Coins to get rid of. Also, we have updated WoE Castle Treasure Drops! For more details, please see the November 1 thread on the Server Updates board of the forums. [RedMageJoe] (2009-11-01)
We hope you all enjoyed the EuphRO 3rd Anniversary Event Month! Look forward to a possible reoccurence next year. Now it's time to wind down for the holidays, starting with Halloween! This patch changes Prontera into a spooky Halloween-themed ghost town. We have also put in the Halloween Disguiser, Halloween Battlemaster, and Trick-or-Treat Event NPCs. Collect lots of candy and scare up some fun! [RedMageJoe] (2009-10-26)
Welcome to the EuphRO 3rd Anniversary Event Month! EXP Rates have been doubled until October 26th, and there will be events every other day hosted by GMs. Be on the lookout for special Poring spawns in certain Rune-Midgard towns, who drop Poring Coins. The Poring Coin trader can be found in the middle of Prontera, and the Disguise NPC is in South Prontera Field. The custom dungeon Temple of Ordeals is now open for the bravest of warriors. Come join the festivities! More information can be found on the EuphRO Forum Calendar.
Changed Morroc PvP into Old Morroc (pre-Episode 12: Satan Morroc), for the sake of player nostalgia. Also fixed a minor item description error on Stunner[2]; improper stun chance.
[RedMageJoe] (2009-10-01)
Added all of the Episode 13 card and item display files. All Unknown Items will now appear as their appropriate sprites, have proper descs and item illustrations, but... They're currently all in Korean. I'll try to get around to manually inputting the card names, but there is currently no ETA as to when we'll get the next translation pack.
[RedMageJoe] (2009-09-23)
Deleted old EuphRO executable and added a new batch of clients that support buff timers and cooldown icons on hotkeys. Thanks go out to Kowaru for the new clients! This patch goes hand-in-hand with our latest server maintenance, allowing players to take advantage of features leading up to our RagexeRE clients in progress. We will keep you updated on this progress. The default client is 2x zoom, popup, so you'll have to go rename the client you want to use to EuphRO.exe again.
[RedMageJoe] (2009-09-07)
Item Description Table Update: Added a handful more % chances to autocast and "chance on" cards and items. Also completely rewrote the description of Nemesis to reflect its true behavior. RMS description contradicts its own script listing. Finally, made a huge overhaul of Battlegrounds item descriptions and catalog descriptions to fix several incorrect and vague item details. Items now contain the most accurate information regarding their scripted behavior.
[RedMageJoe] (2009-09-07)
Fixed a few minor item descriptions. Corrected Blinker to mention its immunity to Blind, not resistance. Spiritual Ring's DEX bonus display has been corrected from +2 to +1. Also corrected Merchant Medal of Honor to reflect 10% aspd increase, not 10 aspd increase. Added proc chance to Long Horn[1] and Hodremlin Card. Also added .EOT files to euphd.grf to support new fonts when RagexeRE is ready for use. [RedMageJoe] (2009-09-04)
Fixed an issue with users' existing default Mercenary AI causing crashes due to bad argument. New default Homunculus and Mercenary AI files have been provided to solve these problems. Also added a translated Ragnarok.exe patcher.
[RedMageJoe] (2009-09-01)
Revised a recent small patch that caused some errors for players still using Sakray client. The DATA.INI file has been modified to first check data.grf (kRO Rag) for your client files, then check sdata.grf (kRO Sakray). This way, regardless which client you use, it will work for the time being. This will also allow players who later switch to kRO Ragnarok client to continue using Sakray as a back-up for missing files.
[RedMageJoe] (2009-08-31)
Fixed a few messy skill descriptions and also corrected inaccurate description of Wanderer Card. Old description said Intimidate/Snatch was cast when user took damage. Script says that user casts Intimidate when attacking. Changed to reflect script behavior. Made a few card descriptions more clear about their auto-cast chances, and added actual percentages to both these and the item drop cards. Fixed the Sniper Card to show proper HP Recovery reduction (from 100% to 10%).
[RedMageJoe] (2009-08-08)
Made a massive overhaul of obsolete and inaccurate skill descriptions (right click tooltips). This will affect a massive amount of skills, and addresses descriptions that have either been lacking information or been incorrect for a long time. For a full list of the changes, see this link.
[RedMageJoe] (2009-07-29)
Fixed a strange bug that recently caused Flag Graffitti and Cleaner skills to re-appear in the Rogue skill tree. These skills are unimplemented and don't work properly, so they have been removed. See a GM about having skills removed and points reimbursed if you picked up either of these.
[RedMageJoe] (2009-07-29)
Finally, revised the description of Battleground weapons to properly indicate the bonus effects. Corrected a translation error that listed them as giving defense rather than ignoring defense.
[RedMageJoe] (2009-07-29)
Updated item description table to properly display Archer Class being able to equip Earthen Bow, Blazing Bow, Freezing Bow, Gale Bow, and Orc Archer Bow. Also corrected required level display of Bird Nest hat.
[RedMageJoe] (2009-07-09)
Updated item table and client data to properly display the upcoming new donation headgears (middle). Thanks to Jenberry for her work on these and the Drooping Kafras.
[RedMageJoe] (2009-07-07)
Updated item database and fixed several bugs where items didn't add stats. Fixed Ninja's Throw Zeny skill. It can now be leveled to 10 instead of 5 as it should. Fixed a small bug in the rebirth quest that had to do with the amount of zeny to donate.
[canadiancow] (2009-07-03)
Updated jikpatch.ini to properly link patcher to the new registration page on our Control Panel. Also added new sprites and item tables for upcoming donation heagears, Drooping Kafra Dolls.
[RedMageJoe] (2009-06-30)
New item description tables added to fix several incorrect item details. Included item fixes were Ledger of Death, Novice Armlet, Heart Breaker, Bardiche, and Hurricane's Fury. New euphd.grf data file to be used for future updates.
[RedMageJoe] (2009-06-04)
Monster talk was removed by request. [Jenberry]
There are four new clients available, with different zoom and death popup settings available. They are all in the EuphRO folder with the latest patch, and named accordingly. Rename the one you want to EuphRO.exe if the default is not to your liking. Patches were also applied that fix the high mage skill tree bug.
[Djief+Jenberry] (2008-12-22)
The patcher template was changed to match the new website. Thanks go out to SpendT for creating the patcher skin. [Jenberry] (2008-12-21)
We have released new client downloads up to date as of 2008-11-13, with a rebuilt EuphRO GRF to support newer features and correct some problems. It also has a new patcher, which is much more flexible than the old one.
[Jenberry+Zaya] (2008-12-17)
We have launched a new website. Thanks go out to Melo, Andrue, and SteveMcAwesome, for their hard work. [canadiancow] (2008-12-17)
The Kiel Hyre quest was fixed. [Djief] (2008-11-11)
Existing donation headgear can now be exchanged for a different type (at a cost). [canadiancow] (2008-11-09)
Guildmasters can now change their character names. [canadiancow] (2008-11-09)
Satan Morroc implemented. [Djief] (2008-11-09)
Endless Tower implemented. [Djief] (2008-11-05)
New control panel launched. [canadiancow] (2008-11-03)
HP bars can now be seen for your guild members during WoE. [canadiancow] (2008-11-03)
Moscovia implemented. [Djief] (2008-11-03)
Guild window character names and genders will update after every server restart. [canadiancow] (2008-11-03)
Fixed some issues with the client exe. [Jenberry+Djief]
Added missing wedding dress and tuxedo palettes. [Zaya]
Added english buttons to skill window. [Paradox924X]
Added tons of new client data. [Paradox924X]
Added brand new client! [Paradox924X]
Added new donation rewards [Paradox924X]
Updated file translations [Paradox924X]
Updated textures and user interface [Paradox924X]
Updated file translations [Paradox924X]
Added donation ticket for new donation system [Paradox924X]
Added Poring Ball [Paradox924X]
Added 251 new cloth palettes and 13 new hair dyes [Paradox924X]
Added 226 new cloth palettes [Paradox924X]
Faster loading of Donation Auras [Paradox924X]
Fixed sclientinfo.xml [Paradox924X]
Updated item descriptions [Fish0r]
Updated item descriptions and Nameless Island changes [Fish0r]
Added new loading screens [Paradox924X]
Updated item descriptions [Fish0r]
Updated EuphRO.exe and Sakray Patcher [Fish0r]
Added files for 21 new Donation Items and updated files. [Paradox924X]
Fixed Donation Items [Paradox924X]
Updated item ID's for donation hats [Fish0r]
Replaced the client EXE with one that supports the new packet version [JTE]
Modified item descriptions for donation hats and other items [Fish0r]
Changed server address to allow for server change [canadiancow]
Removed christmas maps and textures. [Euph]
Added christmas maps and textures. [Euph]
Added custom aura / custom hat tickets. [Euph]
Added new game Sakexe, with added zoom ;-) [Euph]
Removed language filter, since poll decided this. [Euph]
Added DATA.INI file, this may solve some problems. [Euph]
Removed hair dye patch from list, added fixes [Euph]
Removed the 10 new styles, they didn't work. :-( [Euph]
251 hair dyes, and 10 new styles added. Enjoy! [Euph]