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EuphRO Staff
What does it take to be a great staff? We feel that every staff member should be dedicated, hard-working, honest, reliable, trustworthy, efficient, caring and devoted to the community they serve. Our entire staff is highly qualified for the roles in which they perform.
Whether it be maintaining hundreds of players at once, running mass events, stopping botters in their tracks, or providing some of the friendliest support you'll find anywhere, our staff is there for you when you need them!
Have you ever had a problem that you needed answered, and there was no one there to listen or assist you? We typically have at least one staff member on at any time of the day to assist you with your problems, and even have multi-lingual support!
Sick of leveling? Tired of the mundane grinding? Why not sit around, meet new people, or engage in one of our fun and exciting events that are scheduled daily here at EuphRO!
We pride ourself and stand firmly in our belief that we hire the best people for the job, and hope that we make your experiences here at EuphRO fun, exciting and memorable!
If you need support, please use the forum or IRC. If you need to report a player or you want to make a suggestion, see the links at the bottom of the page. If you have a reason to contact a specific staff member, click their name below to send them a PM on the forum.
Game Masters
  • GM-canadiancow - Owner / Developer / Donation Support
  • GM-Zaya - Support / Player Relations
  • GM-Saturn - Support / Player Relations
  • GM-Sherman - Support / Player Relations
Bot Hunters
IRC/Message Board Staff
  • Strawberry Cake
Please use to the following links below if the message you would like to send us fits in one of these categories. The first available staff member will be more than happy to assist you with your issue as soon as possible.